What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say about You?


You know the old adage “You are what you eat”, right? The same theory can be applied to candy, something practically everyone loves! And even if you aren’t a candy eater on the reg, there’s so much of the sweet stuff everywhere during the Halloween season that you can’t help but be tempted to grab a little something for yourself. Everyone has something that they tend to gravitate towards when sifting through the candy bowl, so read on to see what your favorites say about you, your family, and friends!


Candy Corn, Sweet Tarts or Runts:
You love your sugar to hit you like a brick! You are very competitive and when you compete, you keep your eye on the prize. It doesn’t matter if you’re working solo or on a team; being #1 is always top of mind with you.


Skittles or Mike & Ikes:
Talk about tasting the rainbow! Multiple colors serve as your inspiration, and you are know to be artistic, crafty, creative, and full of imagination.  The world is your canvas, as you approach living life as producing a masterpiece.


Sour Patch Kids, Sour Belts, Sour Gummies:
 You can never seem to get enough sour with your sweet! In fact it almost hurts so good, but that’s nothing to fear, as you’re a huge risk taker that believes in yourself and your abilities. No matter what challenges you take on, you’ll always have fun and thrive in the face of adversity.


Gummy Bears or Starburst Chews:
You don’t mind a candy with some bite to it, and you’re known in your social circles to be a tough cookie. You’re a strong-minded individual that can take whatever comes your way, and those around you know not to mess with you!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, or Milky Way Bars:
You tend to gravitate towards treats that bring you comfort. Often described by others as passionate and idealistic, you always have a positive outlook on life and seek out the sunny side in people, places, and things.


Laffy Taffy or Airheads:
Since you eat all this candy with air folded in, you are known to be a good listener! People tend to share their deepest secrets and troubles with you, and the extra air treats helps you to take it all in.


Reese’s Pieces or M&Ms:
A smart cookie, you’re a good dealmaker and negotiator. You are good at zeroing in on the fine print in life, and tend to get whatever you go after.


Tootsie Rolls, Pixy Stix or Pop Rocks:
You like these nostalgic treats but you are far from being old-fashioned, and many think you have a sentimental side.  People describe you as being quirky, cool, and the life of the party!


Jolly Ranchers or Lollipops:
You approach life at a slow and measured pace. You rarely have major spikes in your personality, and in fact you’re known as a “Steady Eddie” by your friends because they know that they can count on you!

Never met a Halloween Candy in your bag that you didn’t like?
Don’t worry, you’re not obsessed! We consider you a Willy Wonka type that has a life covered in chocolate with dreams of sugar coated tomorrows.  You mix everything with love and the world is a better place because of you!