Upcycle Your Home Chef Box: Halloween Edition

Rose Truesdale

If you have a Home Chef box, you have a Halloween costume in the making! We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite Halloween costumes from around the web — all with humble cardboard box beginnings. So after you’ve finished cooking, you can get crafting!


When it comes to pretending… airplane arms only get you so far. Turn your kid into a plane with little more than some paint and, you guessed it, a cardboard box.


Airplane costume


Whip up some fitting ensembles for your budding geniuses! Science has never been cuter.


Robot and Rubix cube


You can skip the actual takeout because you have Home Chef. But if you want to outfit your baby in a Chinese food box, by all means!


Chinese takeout box


Who even needs to go trick or treating when your costume is one part candy? (But you should totally still go trick or treating because candy.)

Vending Machine


You’ll need a few Home Chef deliveries for this darling dino… win-win, right?




You know what’s cuter than a puppy? A WHOLE BOX OF PUPPIES.


Box of puppies


Ok, so constructing these Pac-people takes a bit of engineering… but we believe in you! Game on!


Pacman and friends 


To continue with the arcade theme… stack some friends together and go as Tetris!




If you’ve been coveting a new designer handbag, why not just turn your baby into a luxe accessory? A cardboard box has never looked so chic!


Baby Birkin and Chanel bag