Turn Your Home Chef Smoothie Into a Milkshake


Sometimes you just need to treat yo’ self. Let’s be real, we all need a little balance in our lives. Between the wheatgrass juices and kale smoothies, it’s time to make room for a little ice cream. Here at Home Chef, we’re advocates for well-deserved treats; so have your dessert and drink it too, with a Home Chef Smoothie-Turned-Milkshake. You’ve got the smoothie ingredients, and a blender. Now, just save that yogurt for breakfast and replace it with some ice cream or frozen yogurt.



Step 1

Get your ingredients mise en place’d. Forgot to order the smoothie this week? Don’t worry, you can find the ingredients with the measurements here. You’ll be replacing your strawberry Greek yogurt with strawberry ice cream (or frozen yogurt). We used three scoops, but you can make it as ice cream-y as you’d like!


Step 2

Brush the rim of the glasses with water and then rim the edges with graham cracker crumbs.

Step 3

Pour the vanilla almond milk into the blender as a base. (8 fl. oz.)


Step 4

Throw in those strawberry preserves. (1/2 oz.)


Step 5

Add some sliced strawberries to the mix. (3 oz.)


Step 6

Add the cream cheese. (1 oz.)


Step 7

The best part– add your strawberry ice cream or frozen yogurt. (as much as you’d like)


Step 8

Don’t forget the graham cracker crumbs. (1/3 cup)


Step 9

Blend away.


Step 10

Pour and enjoy! (umbrella optional)



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