Tasty Travel: Tacos Al Pastor




Traveling Tacos

Perhaps one of the most quintessential Mexican staple, the taco has made its way to weeknight dinner tables and late night food trucks around the world. Just as America is considered a melting pot of cuisines, Mexico is also home to global food fusions (and we’re not talking about the sushi-ritto).


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“Al Pastor” means “in the style of a shepherd”, or in other words, in the style of shepherds who took their handheld meals to go on their journeys. The method of cooking al pastor, or cooking the meat on a vertical spit, came from Lebanese immigrants into Mexico. In Lebanon, this type of cooking is called Shawarma and is typically lamb, served in a pita. Using the same technique with local Mexican ingredients, shawarma soon translated into a deliciously handheld pork taco topped with onion, pineapple and cilantro. Whether it’s a pita filled with lamb or a corn tortilla stuffed with pork, this food is undoubtedly a street food favorite.


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