Six French Toast recipes worth waking up early for



  1. Red Velvet French Toast…Because who says breakfast and dessert have to be two different meals?


2. Savory Gruyère Stuffed French Toast: Just when you thought French toast couldn’t get any more French, someone had the genius idea to add Gruyère cheese. Mais oui!


3. Hot Chocolate French Toast: Why settle for merely drinking your hot chocolate when you can eat it, too?


4. French Toast with Crispy Prosciutto: Breakfast people who love dipping their bacon in syrup – this savory take on French toast is for you.


5. S’mores French Toast: We’ll take any opportunity to layer melty chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers together, even without the campfire sing-along.


6. Blueberry Banana French Toast Bake: This creative recipe relies on your slow cooker to bake breakfast up overnight, which means you get to sleep in – plus with all that fruit on top it’s basically health food…right?