Chew On This: The Veggie Burger Trend



Lentil-loving herbivorous hipsters can taste sweet, sweet vindication with the soaring popularity of veggie burgers. Thanks to popular eco-friendly initiatives such as #meatlessmonday and the staggering documentaries about the meat industry and climate change on Netflix, veggie burgers have quickly become ubiquitous.


What has been a staple in many hippie households for decades, has now found a place in the world on chalkboard menus and on-demand grocery services. More than an alternative, it’s a way to incorporate the recommended daily veggie intake into America’s favorite happy meal.


“Gone are the days of fake grill marks.”


With the advent of the artisanal food movement, the stereotypical cardboard patties have become a thing of the past. Gone are the days of fake grill marks and trying to imitate meat’s taste and texture. Instead, chefs and restaurateurs are looking to celebrate the veggies that go into their burgers in lieu of masking them. Moreover, fast casual restaurants are rolling out not just one beef-alternative menu item, but several – and creative ones at that. From seitan to “bleeding” beet patties, there’s bound to be a plant-based burger out there to satisfy everyone’s tastes. 


Eating and choosing the food we eat is a very personal act. It is inherently symbolic of culture, society and individual consumption. Through our food choices, we can communicate personal beliefs and identity– from our favorites to the choices we make to not eat certain foods. Veggie burgers are no exception.


“Rather, it’s a tasty illustration of social awareness.”


As a reflection of social and gastronomic trends, the veggie burger’s elevation says more than just “eat your veggies, kids.” Rather, it’s a tasty illustration of social awareness. Carnivores and vegetarians alike are celebrating the food trend while making a statement of sustainability and health consciousness.


Trending on Twitter or not, the veggie burger continues to grow from the hockey puck stereotype to one that stimulates envy from your favorite food-stagram feed. So, take a page from your free-range-organic-wholesome-pesca-vegan friend, and chow down on a veggie burger (but don’t forget to Instagram it first). Who knows? It may be love at first bite.


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