How to Perfectly Roll a Burrito



A burrito is essentially a meal rolled into a tortilla, stuffed with dreams and cheese. In its simplicity, there’s perfection. It’s a food that allows you to Instagram in one hand, while enjoying a Tex-Mex favorite in the other. However, no matter how many times you stand in line at your favorite burrito place, there’s nothing like rolling one yourself! We’re hitting you with the step-by-step instructions for a perfectly rolled burrito. You can practice your rolling skills at home with the new burritos on our menu. Even better, you won’t have to pay extra for guac.


Step 1

Get your ingredients ready for stuffing. Pro tip: zap your tortilla in the microwave with a damp paper cloth for 10 seconds or put it on a warm skillet for 10 seconds each side, careful not to make it too crispy! A warm tortilla is more pliable and easier to roll when the time comes.


Step 2

Get your burrito ready to roll. Fill it with your favorite filling, or use your favorite Home Chef burrito recipe! The major key is not to over-fill it, just enough so it covers about a quarter of the tortilla. Place the filling horizontally on the burrito in front of you, slightly below the center of it.


Step 3

Fold in the outside edges so they nearly touch each other.


Step 4

Holding the sides with your index fingers, use your thumbs to bring the bottom, or edge closest to you, up and over the filling.


Step 5

Start to roll the burrito forward while still holding the sides in place and tucking in any excess filling as necessary with your fingertips.



Step 6

“Roll, baby roll, like you mean it” — the new pop hit from Home Chef.


Step 7

Now you’re a pro! Enjoy your burrito without it falling apart mid-bite





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