Perfect Pairs: A Celebration of the Classics   

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From ketchup and fries to lobster and butter, some foods were just born to be together.

Sure, they don’t always make sense. Who would have thought a fried potato would get along so well with a crushed tomato? Why would a boiled sea insect taste so decadent when mixed with well… anything? But somehow these foods that felt bland apart erupt with flavor when eaten as one. It’s the classic love story of two ingredients with different upbringings coming together against all odds. They are celebrities of the mouth. They are edible Shakespeare.

But despite their perfect romance, every day an ambitious chef enters the kitchen with the intent of overthrowing the masters. They mix and bake and scramble, simmering in the thrill of not knowing what tastes might be unlocked by mixing some rare spice with an unusual partner. What new ingredient will be talked about in the history books? Could that leafy green be the next kale? Could pepper and turmeric be the next oil and vinegar? The intrepid chef toils endlessly, exploring new flavor frontiers, giving no thought to the legends that secretly drive them. The mythical pairings who have always been there like a comfy couch on a cold day. But no longer! For just a moment let’s put down the spoons, the egg beaters, and the pairing knives so we can properly celebrate some of the tastiest couples in culinary history.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

If any food was a blanket it would be the grilled cheese and tomato soup. This celebrity pair charms even the hardest of us with its down to earth charm, oozing with comfort and imagination. On a scientific level, the acidic nature of tomatoes contrasts sharply with the fatty cheese of the sandwich creating a culinary Ying Vs.  Yang in your mouth. On a less scientific level, this pair might just remind you of mom.

Feeling adventurous? Try adding a bit of dark chocolate to the grilled cheese.

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Red Wine and Steak

The barbarian of meals, this pairing is constantly at war, the dry red wine always looking to undercut the fatty beef in a raucous battle to please the palate. With two such formidable opponents it’s no wonder this delectable war almost always ends in a warm sleepy coma on whatever piece of furniture is closest.

Feeling adventurous? A little rosemary is a welcome addition to any steak.

Bacon and Eggs

There is no better day than one started with a hearty dose of this classic all American meal. Together the hall of fame pair packs enough protein for you to take on a boxing champion… or just take on awkward small talk with your boss.

Feeling adventurous? Scramble in an avocado for a Californian twist.

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Cookies and Milk

The cornerstone of every childhood. It could be the sweet dry flavor of the cookie mixed with the refreshing blast of ice cold milk or it could be that every bite practically bursts with a nostalgia for simpler times. Whatever it is, no dessert pair has yet to top it. Also it’s Santa’s favorite. What more can we say?

Feeling adventurous? Too bad. This one is perfect the way it is.

Hamburger and Milkshake

The perfect after party, a hamburger without a milkshake is like a rockstar without tight pants. While most of the ingredients in this list come from wholly different backgrounds, in this case it looks like the cow knew exactly what it was doing.

Feeling adventurous?  Try adding some bacon to the milkshake and turn this meal into a barnyard smash.

Hot Cocoa and Oysters

This one is here just to make sure you were paying attention. It might be okay, but please don’t try it.

Feeling adventurous? Okay you can try it.

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