October Food Horoscopes




September 23 – October 22


Go Libra, it’s your birthday! As the most balanced sign of the Zodiac, your constant mission is to seek harmony. So, why not start with your fridge? This month is all about purging, so it’s time to clear some space on the shelf (do you really need that third, half-empty bottle of Sriracha?). Don’t worry though – those shelves won’t stay empty for long. With Jupiter moving into Scorpio this month, themes of expanding and long-term relationships will emerge. Use the full moon in Aries on the 5th to be more assertive. It’s time to DTR with a dependable mate– and we might know someone who’s interested. Fresh ingredients and easy recipes to your door weekly? Sounds like you can count on Home Chef to fill those empty shelves.



October 23 – November 21


Look at you, Scorpio. Usually you’re strategically contemplating every move, but lucky Jupiter brings a “carpe diem” vibe to you this month. You might even feel like a new person (new phone, who dis?). Especially with the New Moon in Libra on the 19th, attracting new relationships and love. Don’t resist– channel that attractive, dynamic energy in the kitchen. Have you ever put proscuitto and Brussels sprouts on a pizza? No? Here’s your chance.



November 22 – December 21


It’s coupling season, and lucky Jupiter won’t let you forget it. As it moves into soulful Scorpio this month, it’s prime time to share a PSL with that special someone. Not looking for love? We get that. Why not get cozy with some fall-flavored Brussels sprouts and brown butter risotto instead? The best part –  last time we checked, risotto can’t ghost on you.



December 22 – January 19


Hey Capricorn, are you feeling lonely at the top? You’ve been flying solo lately, so use Jupiter moving into Scorpio around this month to your advantage. After all, it is the season of friendly Libra (and tricks and treats), so why not show your typical fiercely ambitious side with a fall-themed dinner party. How about some breakfast for dinner? Invite your friends over for an atypical but fun breakfast-for-dinner party for a trick that’s just as much a treat. Costumes optional, but highly encouraged.



January 20 – February 18


You know how to bring the fun… too much fun perhaps, right Aquarius? As Jupiter in Scorpio brings ambition to your sign this month, focus on some skills that impress, and we’re not talking your many LinkedIn endorsements. Use energetic Mars in Virgo to bring some more spice to your life (and dinner table). A little Sriracha never hurt anyone, especially not Aquarius’.



February 19 – March 20


You’re feeling mysterious this month, Pisces –  and it’s not just because Friday the 13th is coming up or Halloween. Rather, Jupiter slides into Libra for the first half of the month, and has you feeling a little introspective (think: Why’s Waldo?, not Where’s Waldo?). While you search for the perfect Halloween costume to fit your insular air this month, don’t forget to bring your mysteriousness to the kitchen. Ever made mashed potato ghosts? It’s probably the only time you’ll want to play with your food, so we say go for it!



March 21 – April 19


You’re not a shy one, are you, Aries? We feel like Instagram was made for people like you. Get photo-ready this month, especially during the full moon in Aries on the 5th. The charm is on when Venus enters Libra on the 14th, so shower your admirers with tacos. Because everyday can be #tacotuesday if you’re an assertive Aries, and who seriously doesn’t love tacos?).



April 20 – May 20


It’s never too early to think about the naughty or nice list, and the way things have been going, we’d say you’re on the naughty list. No worries, you still have time to redeem yourself, Taurus. Start with your nutrition, especially with the new moon on the 19th (new moon, new me). Put down that take-out menu and made a healthy alternative at home. The message from the moonbeams says “healthy take-out orange chicken”, and they’re waiting for your reply, Taur.



May 21 – June 20


Remember when poké had a serious moment this summer? Well, October is your poké, Gem. Venus rolls into Libra on the 14th, and with perfect timing, too! Take this time to get into character early for Halloween. Who knows? You might even be able to convince your friends to participate in a group costume.. Use a festive Halloween recipe to coax them into being the Pamplemousse La Croix to your Lime. No one can say no to food, especially when it’s Halloween-themed.



June 21 – July 22


Your symbol is the crab for a reason (and no, not just for you love of Crab Rangoons). You breathe a sigh of relief when plans are canceled, but not this month, Cancer! With Venus rolling into Libra, your outgoing side will come out to play (crab dip, anyone?). Take the time around the 10th when Jupiter swoops into Scorpio as an opportunity to show your savage Scorp side. Oh, and don’t forget a recipe to match. Did someone say Baja Fish Tacos?



July 23 – August 22


In typical lion fashion, you make sure everyone hears your roar– especially when energizing Mars rolls in until the 22nd. However, don’t forget what humble pie tastes like, Leo. Take a break from all of those wild safaris on the 10th when Jupiter enters introspective Scorpio. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the comfort food to the lion’s den. We know a Four Cheese Baked Ziti recipe that will do the trick. Rawr!



August 23 – September 22


The hustle is real for you this month with Mars rolling through until the 22nd. Keep your eye on the prize until then. That prize may even be in the form of an umami burger – not bad, huh Virg? Put your passion projects to the forefront this month, especially with Venus in your sign until the 14th. Ideas will be bubbling, just like that cauldron. However, no toil and trouble here, just spooky and delicious recipes.