We Might Go Bacon Your Heart…

Rose Truesdale

Can we just chew on the bacon craze for a moment? Several years ago, we started seeing bacon in every pastry, ice cream sundae, and bottle of infused vodka this side of carnivorous America… not to mention the bacon perfume, bandaids, and seltzer tablets suitable for the closeted bacon lovers among us (Hi. This author is a vegetarian who for SURE owns bacon perfume.). Everyone expected the trend to fizzle… or sizzle… out. But no! Bacon love wins!

Clearly, the bacon “trend” will die off when pigs fly, so here’s the skinny on meat candy:

  • Between 2002 and 2007, bacon consumption rose by 40% and has continued to grow by 1-2% per year ever since.
  • Bacon now accounts for about 20% of in-home pork consumption
  • 15% of bacon is cooked in a microwave, and 45% is cooked on the stovetop. (*Editor’s note: we hope there is no raw bacon eating go down.)
  • Bacon is consumed an average of 18 times per year.
  • 53% of people keep bacon stocked in their kitchens at all times.
  • 41% of all bacon consumption happens on weekends… brunch, anyone?

Want in on the fun? Here are Home Chef’s top five bacon recipes. Enjoy!