Low-Calorie Comfort Foods You’ll Love



As the temperature drops, the idea of living in a fort made of wool blankets and fluffy pillows becomes a very real consideration. As we bundle up, the sudden craving for Midwest casseroles emerges, even for those who don’t come from the carb-fueled Northern tundra. But before you reach for that tater tot casserole, check out these low-cal comfort food recipes that will keep you warm all winter long, sans the guilt.


  1. Crispy Onion Chicken

    Trade your favorite fried chicken for this crispy baked version  that’s full of flavor without all the carbs and calories of the original.

  2. Cream Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

    This low-cal version of a childhood classic will keep you both warm and satisfied.

  3. Chicken Fajita Stuffed Peppers

    Swap out the typical flour tortillas for mild poblano peppers and you have yourself a low-cal weeknight fave.

  4. Greek Panko-Crusted Cod

    This lightened up Greek version of fish and chips will have you shouting “Opa!” (dancing on the tables is optional).

  5. Buffalo Chicken Salad

    Game day just got a whole lot healthier with this 430 calorie salad.

  6. Ceviche-Style Shrimp Tostadas

    Get your late night taco fix on with these under 600 calorie tostadas.

  7. Ponzu Noodles and Charred Green Beans

    Give takeout the boot and try this lighter version of lo mein instead.

  8. Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie

Cozy up to this low calorie, meat-free version of a British classic.