A Kid-approved Kitchen

Rose Truesdale

Back to school means a hectic dinner in between trombone lessons and soccer practice, and last minute, uninspired school lunches… right?

Not with Home Chef. We’ve rounded up five of our kid-friendliest meals, and some pretty adorable testimonials to go with them (awwwwww!). Make everyone at your dinner table smile, and pack leftovers up for lunches all the other kids will envy.

Old School Baked Ziti

homechef_Old School Baked Ziti Reshoot (4 of 5)

“Very good even the kids liked it! Had they not seen the “green” even better!” – Nichelle

Chicken with Tiger Sauce

homechef_Chicken with Tiger Sauce (7 of 8)

“Surprisingly, my kids loved this. Even went in for seconds.” – Leanne H.

Spaghetti with Ricotta Meatballs

homechef_Spaghetti with Ricotta Meatballs (7 of 10)

“I think this was good? I don’t know for sure, because my kids got to it before I could, and they didn’t leave me much to try. 😉 I did get some bread, which was OUTSTANDING, and the bit of meatball I tasted was very good.” – Michelle B.

Classic Chicken Piccata

homechef_Chicken Piccatta (7 of 10)

“So good my kids loved it, too. Tasty meal. Easy to follow instructions made this fun to cook together.” – Tiffany L.

Farmhouse Fried Chicken

homechef_Farmhouse Fried Chicken (7 of 10)

“Amazing! And not that difficult. All four of my kids loved it.” – Bridget W.

There you have it! Rave reviews from the world’s harshest critics. What are your kids’ favorite meals? Tell us in the comments!