Katie Cavuto’s Health and Wellness Tips


It’s been a month now since we all declared our resolutions. The promises we made to our bodies, wallets and family or friends may have fallen a little off course, but fear not! Turn February into a New Year, and restart those goals. We asked our friend and wellness expert, Katie Cavuto, for some tips on how to get back on track. Check out her notes on how to stay healthy below!




Did you know that you can achieve your wellness goals without setting unrealistic resolutions that are rarely kept? Positive intentions create positive results. Let’s pick healthy habits and intentions that add to our lives instead of focusing on the things we “should” take away. For instance – did you know that there is no such thing as a good or bad food!? You can continue to eat what you love by simply rearranging your plate. Here are a few positive intentions you can use to kickstart your wellness goals:

    • My daily choices reflect my intentions to care for myself in a meaningful way.


      Committing to a healthier, more nourishing meal plan can seem overwhelming and hard to achieve – especially considering we have so many take-out options at our fingertips! Fortunately, Home Chef makes it easier for you to get more whole foods into your kitchen and home cooked meals on your plate with their easy to prepare meals. Plus, when we cook at home we can better control our choices, which directly reflect our intentions to care for ourselves in a meaningful way.

    • The intention to create more joyful eating experiences starts in the kitchen.


      Did you know you can incorporate mindfulness practices into your cooking? Home Chef buys you time since they do the recipe planning and shopping for you. That way you can slow down and engage your senses while you’re cooking and eating. Use you sense of touch and smell to engage with the ingredients. Listen to the sound the knife makes as it hits your cutting board and the sizzle of veggies in your sauté pan. Now take all of this awareness into your eating experience. Slow down, savor each bite and find food gratitude for the meal you created.

    • I want to have radiant health, mind and body, for myself and my family.


      Our health goals often extend beyond ourselves to our families and using a service like Home Chef makes achieving wellness intentions a little bit easier. Their meal kits are perfect for beginner cooks, simple to make together and even family friendly. And, no matter who you cook with – a friend, loved one, child or even alone – preparing a meal is a fun experience that encourages all of us to step out of our comfort zone and to even try new foods.

    • Healthy eating doesn’t mean depriving yourself.


      Try this on for a positive new year’s intention: I want to cook more meals at home and even prep some of my meals so I feel more prepared. The great news, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by this concept even if it’s been a while since you stepped into your kitchen. Home Chef will do a lot of the work for you and make cooking at home a fun experience for anyone. Plus, with low-carb and low-calorie options, Home Chefs allows you to enjoy the foods that you love without that feeling of deprivation.