Ingredients in the Raw: Gorgonzola Cheese

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In a small town near Venice, a new and beautiful dairy product was born. Named after its hometown, Gorgonzola isn’t just cheese–it’s artwork. Pure, beautiful, and flavorful, Gorgonzola may just be a cow’s finest accomplishment. Need some motivation to hug the dairy cow in your life? Read on.

The Look

Bluegreen spirals decorate this pale cheese, recalling the blue-on-white designs popular on fine china or flow-blue patterns in France. Gorgonzola can range in texture from smooth and creamy to dry and crumbly, with the cheese becoming crumblier as it matures.

The Taste

Gorgonzola is known for the blue streaks that give it its characteristic bite. It is salty with a mild sweetness and a nutty aroma, a combination that long ago made Gorgonzola a favorite for recovering from loss of appetite (yes, this is a real affliction for some people…).

Young gorgonzola (Gorgonzola Dolce) is sweeter, while mature gorgonzola (Gorgonzola Picante) is more pungent. You can find both varieties at your local market.

Why You Seriously Need to Get Some

Dense with protein, Gorgonzola is super filling, and it’s also high in calcium and the good bacteria that promote healthy digestion (ya know, probiotics).

In the cheese kingdom (which, mind you, is not a low-calorie arena), Gorgonzola is comparatively low-calorie. Because Gorgonzola is exceptionally satiating and very low in carbs, it makes an excellent choice for snackers looking to stay fuller longer without adding too many empty calories.

Moreover, Gorgonzola can only be made with pure, whole milk. In order to mature properly, no preservatives or additives can be mixed in. When you eat Gorgonzola cheese, you are biting into 100% real, actual FOOD.

Eat It With

Customarily, Gorgonzola is eaten with short pastas, (such as penne or rigatoni), risotto, or polenta. It is also one of the four cheeses used in Pizza Ai Quattro Formaggi (four-cheese pizza). Gorgonzola’s crumbly quality makes it perfect for dressing up salads or simple meat dishes. The standalone flavor also does beautifully served in a block alongside a White Zinfandel or a Bordeaux Blend.

Join the Bite Club

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