Ingredient Spotlight: Turmeric




You may have heard some buzz lately that turmeric is a superfood – it’s true! Modern medicine may only be just now recognizing its health benefits, but it has been used extensively in Indian folk medicine for centuries. It’s recognizable by its vibrant yellow color, which has been used in dyes and religious ceremonies for just as long.


While typically it’s thought of as a spice, turmeric is actually closely related to ginger root. Whether it’s fresh or dried, its prized not only for its healing anti-inflammatory benefits, but for its culinary uses as well. Most famously its the main ingredient in curry powder, where it lends great warming flavor to our Tandoori-rubbed Chicken. There’s lots of other ways to enjoy its benefits and earthy flavor as well, though! You can try it in a spice rub this summer when grilling, in place of saffron when making paella, or even blended into your morning smoothie.


Any way you look at it, there’s plenty of great reasons to add turmeric to your spice rack, and maybe even your medicine cabinet!