Home Chef How-To: Store Produce

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{ Photo courtesy of The Kitchn }

Picture this: You go to the store or the farmer’s market. You pick up the prettiest stuff – lush bok choy, luscious strawberries, vibrant asparagus. Only to arrive home, throw them all in the fridge, and find they’re a withered, rotted mess the next day. Sound familiar?

Everything in its place. Proper produce storage can seriously cut down on food waste and also allows you to extend the life of your veggies and fruits (perfect for when you receive a Home Chef box that you can’t use for a few days).

To each their own. Since different produce emits different gasses and ripen at their own paces, it’s important to know which ones to store in the fridge, which ones flourish at room temperature, and which ones to keep away from one another.


{ Did you know that asparagus likes to be standing tall in a glass with a smidge of water in the bottom? They do! That’s the best way to keep ’em firm and fresh in the fridge }

Resources. This would be an epic blog post if we illustrated every vegetable and fruit storage tactic, so we’ve linked to our favorite resources.

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