Home Chef How-To: Mince & Chop Garlic

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It’s a stinky job, but someone’s gotta do it. There’s little doubt that freshly minced and chopped garlic lends an aromatic complement to any dish. Since many of our Home Chef dishes feature this staple, we wanted to brush up on the foundational skills of peeling, crushing, chopping, and mincing garlic.

What’s the Difference? Well, the difference may seem slight, but crushed, chopped, and minced garlic deliver different flavor intensities and profiles, so some techniques are more appropriate for certain dishes.

Start at the Beginning. Peel garlic by removing the outer layers to reveal the smooth, shiny clove. If you can’t get a hold of the outer skin, making a small slice in the skin with a knife will allow you to peel it away more easily (think of it a little like getting a roll of packing tape going).

Crushing so Hard. Crushing garlic is a great way to eliminate the peel by force and break up the clove. This technique is used when one wants to remove the peel for mincing or chopping, or when you want to release the flavor of garlic, but don’t need super-small pieces (think: for roasts or stews where you may remove the clove after cooking).

Chopping vs. Mincing. See the graphic below and this super informative video for more detail on how to rock your chopping and mincing skills, and when to best employ these techniques.


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