How-to Technique: En Papillote


En papillote, or as the Italians say, al cartoccio, translates to “in parchment”. It’s the little effort, big reward technique of cooking that both seals in flavor and makes for a mess-free, easy dinner. We’re using parchment paper for a more attractive presentation and the silicone coating eliminates sticking (your dishwasher will thank you later). If you really want to be a pro, or an OG en papillote’r, use a soaked banana leaf. It keeps the moisture in and looks oh so beautiful. However, we have busy lives to lead, so, we’ve broken down the process in a few easy steps below.



Step 1 

Prep your ingredients and grab your parchment paper, roughly 8″x 12″ in size. Create smooth edges with scissors if needed.


Step 2

Fold the paper in half like a book, creating a solid fold and crease.


Step 3

Open the paper and add your ingredients close to the crease in the center, leaving enough room to fold the outside edges.


Step 4

Fold the paper over, covering the ingredients.


Step 5

Starting at folded edge, fold lower left corner at an angle up toward mixture. Start from middle of previous fold and fold again toward mixture.


Step 6

Repeat process around mixture, making as tight a seal as possible.


Step 7

Each fold of parchment paper should overlap with the previous one, creating a tight seal. The tight seal is key for cooking; don’t worry if there are wrinkles, or if you have to use staples to reinforce the gaps.


Step 8

Seal it with a small fold under the packet.


Step 9

Et voilà! You have yourself an en papillote packet, ready for the oven. Bon appétit!



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