Home Chef Thanksgiving Traditions That You Should Consider Stealing



Perhaps the one day of the year that embodies the word “tradition” is undoubtedly Thanksgiving. Normally we’re against spending hours in the kitchen to make dinner, but we have made an exception for our friend TG (Thanksgiving, duh). Just how every family seems to have an Aunt Carol, every family certainly has their own traditions, and the Home Chef family is no exception. So, before you fry that turkey in order to create a new tradition that will probably end up being “that one Thanksgiving Frank burned down the house,” steal these Home Chef employee traditions to introduce to your family.




Wild Turkey BINGO

“Every year my family plays BINGO, and it actually gets really rowdy and fun. People throw bingo chips, nuts, candy, basically anything at everyone– no one is safe! Everyone’s a winner and get’s a fun prize that is wrapped in red and green tissue paper, which is something that my grandma started and my mom has continued. It’s a super quirky tradition, but always a blast.”

– Maggie L.




Turkey Trot Brunch

“Every Thanksgiving, my best friend Zoe, my dad and I run the Turkey Trot in Detroit. It’s a 5k so even if you haven’t gone on a run in months, you can do it on adrenaline alone. Zoe and I high five every child and police officer possible. Then we got home to treat ourselves to some traditional Thanksgiving mimosas and frittata made by my lovely mama.”



Recipe to follow:

8 large eggs  

1 bag classic spinach

6 slices turkey bacon

6 oz swiss -grated,

2 oz parmesan -grated

1/4 c low fat milk

Salt and pepper to taste

Oven 375°

Stem and chop spinach.

Cook spinach with small amount of water until wilted.  

Drain, cool and squeeze until all excess water is removed. set aside.

Put bacon between pieces of paper towel and microwave approx 5 minutes until crisp.

Whisk eggs and milk in large bowl.  Add spinach, swiss, and crumbled bacon.

Spray pie dish with oil.

Pour egg mixture in dish.

Bake approx 40 minutes until center no longer jiggles and knife comes out clean.

You can use any cheese.  Swap broccoli for spinach, or substitute 8 egg whites + 4 whole eggs.

Sometimes I cover the  bottom of the dish with hash browns, before pouring in the egg mixture.”

– Lara M.




Girl Not-So-Scout Cookies

“We have a cookie day the day after thanksgiving where we bake and decorate Christmas cookies. All of the girls in the family get together and contribute at least one recipe, and then we have a Great Christmas Cookie Bake-off… and we eat thanksgiving leftovers, of course!”

– Jenny H.  


It’s Anybody’s Guess
“We play this game called “The Answer Game.” While we’re waiting for the turkey to cook, we pass around a couple of sheets of paper to everyone to write down questions. We ask questions like, “If you had to live in a city other than the one you live in now, where would it be?” and “What is your all-time favorite movie?”. Anyone can write any question or as many questions as they like! Then, after dinner, we get together and ask each other the questions. Here’s the trick though– everyone writes down their answer on a small slip of paper and gives it to the person who asked the question. The question-asker reads the answers out loud and doesn’t show anyone the handwriting, and in a circle everyone else has to guess who gave what answer. You get a point for every correct guess you make, but once someone guesses your answer you’re out for that round and can’t guess any more.”

– Riley M.