Home Chef ❤️’s Moms



You can’t mess with the classic. Every family seems to have a “mom’s best” recipe that is totally better than that other mom’s recipe. These recipes have been passed down generation to generation, seeing minor modifications and sometimes unintentional revisions along the way (i.e. that’s salt, not sugar) . However, at the end of the day, each “best” recipe truly is the best, in the eye of the beholder (or a hungry child). We asked our customers and colleagues alike to tell us their best mom food story, and we complied those memories below.


Femme Macaroni 

“All of the women in my family are famous for “Lischett Macaroni.” My grandma invented it — it’s basically Velveeta, Greek pastitsio noodles, and lots of heavy cream. It gets crusty on the outside and sort of soggy on the bottom and I honestly can’t tell if it’s delicious or just tradition, but I still fight my cousins for the burnt pieces even though I’m lactose intolerant.”

-Rose T., Home Chef Content Manager


Food Favorites

“My mom would make my favorite food: beef stroganoff with noodles. I couldn’t get enough of that. We would make lemon meringue pie together. She was teaching me how before she passed away 3 yrs ago. Love and miss her everyday.”

-Carleigh D., Home Chef Customer



Culinary Creativity

“My mom always made the best snacks while I was in grade school as a “Room Mom”. One year, she made a football field cake for the super bowl and it was so extravagant that the kids in class started raising their hands and asking questions about it. Another time she made Odyssey-themed cupcakes when we read that and they were eyeball cupcakes for the story of The Cyclops! Her baking is always so thoughtful–and detailed.”

-Lisa C., Home Chef Customer Experience Associate


Pizza Party

“Almost everything I know about cooking, I learned from my mom. I have so many memories of spending time in the kitchen with her. Her award winning pizza was legendary and I would help her make 15 to 20 at a time. Grating pounds and pounds of mozzarella, slathering sauce everywhere, rolling out dough, browning sausage. I think of her every time I’m cooking and I miss her everyday.”

– Beth W., Home Chef Customer



Skip the Cafeteria 

“My mom was no Betty Crocker, but she always made sure I had the best lunch at school! She’d wake up extra early every day to pack something fresh and healthy, and always included a treat and a little inside, just to make me smile. Love you, mom!”

-Ashley R., Home Chef Community Associate