Home Chef Disposal Guidance

Rose Truesdale


At Home Chef, we make every effort to be as sustainable as possible. We’ve carefully sourced packaging that’s either recyclable or biodegradable, and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Here’s how to recycle your Home Chef packaging:

– Recycle the box curbside, or break it down with your compost.

– Recycle the liner’s plastic exterior and dispose of the biodegradable interior.

– Recycle all small plastic bottles and bags with your other plastics.

– Rinse and reuse your ice packs; or thaw them, cut off a corner, and drain them of their nontoxic fluid (in your sink or in the trash).

– Keep your recipe cards for future use! You’re a Home Chef now, after all.

Your community may have its own unique recycling guidelines. Search your zip code here for the 411 on how to be green in your neighborhood.

Got a hot tip on how to upcycle your Home Chef packaging? Let us know in the comments! Happy (eco-friendly) cooking!