Home Chef Coast to Coast

Rose Truesdale


It’s all happening! Home Chef is expanding its delivery service to include the West Coast and additional East Coast locations. That means we now supply over 90% of the U.S. with perfectly portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes.


Home Chef is now delivering perfectly portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes to 90% of the U.S.
This could be yours, L.A!


Though we’re a proud Chicago brand, Home Chef is thrilled to start making more coastal friends. In today’s press release, Home Chef Founder and CEO Pat Vihtelic said: “In the span of two and a half years, we’ve grown to deliver 400,000 meals per month. We’re excited to broaden the reach of Home Chef and bring the fun of cooking into homes all over the country.”

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Just in case you haven’t met Home Chef (oh hi!), we’re a convenient meal kit delivery service that brings a ready-to-cook box of fresh, portioned ingredients right to your doorstep. Ingredients arrive in recyclable packaging with detailed, simple instructions, along with everything needed to put together a delicious home-cooked meal in about 30 minutes. Each week, our culinary team rolls out 13 enticing and affordable new meals – almost double the options that many competing services offer. Plus, meals are only $9.95 per serving with free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

In Vihtelic’s words:”After a long day on the go, the last place anyone wants to go is the grocery store. We provide a convenient way to get fresh ingredients so that anyone can cook a delicious home-cooked meal.”

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