Health Resolutions You Can Keep This Year

Rose Truesdale

It’s 2017! Time for a juice cleanse, high intensity exercise every morning, and recovery yoga every night… right? Eek! That sort of resolve, while ambitious, sounds unsustainable and 0% fun.

We’ve rounded up some health resolutions you can truly keep up — and even enjoy!


Food As Medicine


Incorporate turmeric into your diet. Studies show that curcumin, a naturally occurring compound in this superfood, reduces inflammation as well as over the counter painkillers. Cool, right? — And it’s worth knowing that inflammation is the root of all disease. Try our tandoori chicken with turmeric rice, and read more about turmeric in this post right here on The Table.


Work Hard, Lounge Hard

Photo: Aday, courtesy of Well + Good


You’re down with athleisure… now can you handle workleisure?! The new fashion trend is what it sounds like: super comfy, work-appropriate duds made from machine-washable, activewear-inspired material. Read more about the brands leading the charge at Well + Good, and know that this author is currently rocking some very stylish sweatpants.


Embrace That Hermit Life

Photo: Carolina Rodriguez for


With the popularity of self-care and me time on the rise, it’s official: staying in is the new going out. Simply put, Millennials have made nesting cool. With brands like Stay Home Club  leading the hermit charge, it’s now officially okay to treat yourself to a face mask, solo takeout — or better yet, a healthy Home Chef dinner made by you, for you — and a positively geriatric bedtime on a Friday night. Finally!!!


Green Your Skin and Body Care Routine



Your skin absorbs over 60 percent of anything applied topically… so some of us are pretty much eating parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals for breakfast every day. Nom. But with the Personal Care Products Safety Act introduced to the senate and consumers demanding transparency, skincare’s becoming a heck of a lot healthier. Check out Well + Good’s roundup of the top 10 natural skincare products for men (or check out this fellow Chicago startup!) and Refinery29’s picks for the ladies.


Sleep Is King (or Queen!)

Photo: Self Magazine

Sleep is more important than we give it credit for. Kudos to you for waking up early to work out in the morning, but if it’s cutting into your sleep schedule, you might want to reconsider your routine. Sleep affects every part of your life from energy (duh), to mood, immune function, appetite, libido, productivity and mental function. If securing at least 7 hours AND a good sweat sesh proves too difficult, steal away for a lunchtime workout, hit up the gym in between work and your evening plans… or skip a day and don’t sweat it. Need more encouragement to press that snooze button? Time Magazine will back you up.


Home Chef will back you up, too! From Thai chicken salad to roasted cauliflower tacos, we have your 2017 healthy eating plan on lock.