Happy Holidays! We’re Extending the Season with Celebrations of Food

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Welp! It’s over. The gifts have been unwrapped, the families have all gone home, the streets are lined with dying pine trees, and all the bright lights are back to work gathering dust in the basement. It’s January. Blech! The month starts with a champagne popping bang, then suddenly you’re back at work square in the middle of a two month long snow-riddled nightmare. The barren ground and icy chill are bitter companions for holiday withdrawal and all three are more than enough to put even the jolliest of us into a winter funk.

But don’t you fret just yet! There is still hope.

While us humans only celebrate holidays once and a while, food has a holiday almost every day of the year. You might be busy stuffing your holiday decorations in a box, but somewhere out there a nationally treasured food has just started putting theirs up. From National Hot Tea Day to National Peking Duck Day, January is chock full of some of the hottest culinary celebrations of the year. So don’t give up on those warm tidings just yet, here’s a few fun food holidays you can celebrate to keep those moody January blues at bay.

January 4th : National Spaghetti Day

Sure this holiday may have passed us already, but it’s never too late to celebrate everybody’s favorite comfort food. Even if your extended family have gone home, nothing will get them back around the table quicker than a warm pot of spaghetti decked with meatballs.

Looking for a good recipe to cook up this comfort classic? Check out a recipe for one of our awesome meals we pulled out of the archive, Spaghetti Alla Rustica. 

January 14th : National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Okay. We’re in the thick of January now. Give your hands a break from their glove prisons and wave a hot pastrami sandwich in the air like you just don’t care. Or just eat it in the normal fashion.

 January 19th : National Popcorn Day

The leafless trees look like a long lost city against the barren white dunes of blowing snow. There is nothing for you outside. Might as well snuggle up under a blanket and celebrate TV’s favorite snack by ripping through 5 seasons of something.

 January 23rd : National Pie Day

No holiday is complete without pie and that’s especially true on National Pie Day. It may be too cold to put one on a windowsill, but it’s never too cold to put one in your belly.

 January 27th : National Chocolate Cake Day

Uh oh! Just when you thought you were getting out of your holiday funk, now you’re bummed out National Pie Day is over. Luckily a mere four days later it’s time to bust a move with one of the world’s best sad companions. Sure your car might be buried under an urban avalanche, but on National Chocolate Cake Day who cares?!

February 2nd : Groundhog Day

We didn’t know people ate groundhogs, but we sure aren’t going to stop the party. January is over! Grab a groundhog and chow down!