5 Back to School Hacks with Home Chef

Rose Truesdale

Ah, it’s that time of year again. We’re already talking about pumpkin spice for fall’s sake, and… is that the bell ringing?! Eek! We’re late for chem!

While it’s exciting for your kids to turn over a new leaf and a new page in their composition notebooks… the start of a fresh school year can also be incredibly hectic. Suddenly, barbecues and days spent splashing around at the public pool are replaced with homework, PTA meetings, school supplies and first day outfits… not to mention strict timelines.

Change is hard — we get it. So we’ve rounded up five ways to make the start of the school year easier and more fun. We’re overachievers like that!


  • Set a kitchen timer in the mornings: There’s nothing like the ticking of an oven timer to impress upon your children that they need to put on clean socks, get their field trip form signed, and go. No dilly dallying allowed.
  • Write out their morning routine: Kids love lists. Let them check off shower/ get dressed/ eat a healthy breakfast/ brush teeth… then give them a gold star!
  • Dedicate space in your fridge to school lunch items: Clear a corner of your refrigerator shelf for your lunchbox crew, and let the zen feeling of keeping everything in its rightful place wash over you. Bonus: you’ll never have to dig through the back of the fridge for string cheese ever again.
  • Portion out Home Chef leftovers: You knew this one was coming! Divvy up child portions for your favorite students the night before, and pack them up for school lunches the other kids will envy.
  • Put googly eyes on everything: That’s right. Sandwich in a plastic baggie? Googly eye that baggie. Banana or juice box or fruit cup? You know what to do.

Good luck out there!