DIY Travel Snacks


No one likes to admit it, but summer’s nearing its end…so why not make the most of it and go on a trip? From weekend road trips to overseas adventures, it’s the perfect time to soak up the sun with a fun or relaxing getaway. When I travel, I love to figure out what snacks I’m going to take with me. Bringing your own snacks is a great way to not only stave off those hunger pangs between meals, but also stay on track with your healthy eating goals. Plus, it’s way cheaper to bring your own snacks than to buy them at the airport or overpriced and unhealthy gas stations, where fresh food option are often lackluster, if available at all.


If you’re looking for healthy and delicious snacks to bring with you on your summer travels, I’ve made the ultimate DIY Travel Snack list:

  1. Sweet Chili Roasted Nuts

    These crunchy roasted nuts are the perfect travel snack for carrying in your bag. Plus they have that awesome sweet heat flavor that leaves you coming back for more.

  2. Homemade Cherry Almond Protein Bars

    These protein bars are a cinch to make and only have four ingredients! You get double the protein from the protein powder and the raw almonds, so your tummy won’t be rumbling during those long travel days.

  3. “Ferrero Rocher” Protein Balls

    Take protein balls to the next level by coating them in a layer of sugar-free chocolate and coconut oil. These protein balls also have that classic combination of hazelnuts and chocolate… yum!

  4. Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These chewy cookies are perfect treats while traveling to curb that sweet tooth. They are also refined sugar free and gluten free – something that can be so hard to find when traveling.

  5. Cheezy Garlic Herb Popcorn

    What’s a better travel snack food than popcorn?! It’s crunchy, savory and as a bonus, it’s super light to carry in your backpack.

  6. Homemade Watermelon Fruit Snacks

    Before your trip, use up any leftover summer watermelon from the fridge and make them into these easy fruit snacks!

  7. Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

    These travel-friendly muffins can tag along with you wherever you go. They are sweet, tender yet hardy enough to be portable treats.

  8. BBQ Kale Chips

    Making your own kale chips is so easy and best of all, they can be ready in less than 10 minutes! Simply store them in a resealable bag to keep them super crispy while you’re on the road.

  9. Avocado Hummus

    take your chips and dip to the next level with this vibrant avocado hummus! This is the kind of travel snack that doesn’t feel like you’re eating out of a vending machine.

  10. Matcha Mint Chip Protein Balls

    Find yourself in need a caffeine boost and a snack? These Matcha Mint Chip Protein Balls will do just that!