Your December Food Horoscopes







November 22 – December 21

Go Sag, it’s your birthday! The sun is shining in your sign until the 21st, so use that energy to put a spotlight on 2017’s greatest moments. Yes, that does include your late night pizza slices. Speaking of all things hot, Venus is soaring through your sign until the 25th, making your snowy December red hot. As a Sagittarius everyone knows you can take the heat, especially in the kitchen. Impress that new boo with a “pure fuego” meal like this Hawaiian Turkey Burger. It will have you dreaming of warmer weather (and even warmer surfer cuties).




December 22 – January 19

Ok, so 2017 wasn’t the best for you, Cap, but thank goodness there’s a solution: pizza. Now, hear us out.  While it may not be the doctor’s orders for those winter blues, we think it will do the trick especially with tricky Mercury in retrograde until the 22nd. Side effects may include happiness, warm feelings and possible sauce spills. Mighty Saturn will be calling on you to practice some self love, while it moves through your sign until 2020. So, take it, take another little “pizza” my heart now baby.




January 20 – February 18

Bust out your calendar, Aquarius, because it’s going to be a busy month for you. The sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are all moving through your sign this month, so buckle up. Cupid is coming a few months early with Venus bringing charming vibes and the full moon in Gemini sending cheeky moonbeam energy your way. Maybe cupid will help you catch a cutie, and when we say cutie, we really mean tacos. Pucker up with these zesty tacos.




February 19 – March 20

You’re on fire this month, Pisces. Ok, hopefully not literally. Adventurous Mars soars through your sign on the 9th, so channel this energy into the kitchen, just don’t actually set things on fire. Start small, you can handle some quesadillas, right? Of course you can, ambitious Pisces. Just don’t forget that Mercury in retrograde from the 3rd to the 22nd will give you a mini headspin. Don’t worry, it’s nothing a little pizza can’t fix.




March 21 – April 19

This is your month to be the human version of caps lock. Not like anyone needs to tell you to be bold anyway, dear Aries. You’ve been saving all of this energy from the three year Saturn cycle in your sign, but when it wraps up on the 19th, get ready to charge like the ram you are. Need a little push? Try something spicy. Spice it up with a jalapeño-spiked rice bowl, and we know you’ll add that extra heat. You should just change your middle name to Sriracha already. Don’t forget that the sun will be shining on your sign until the 25th, so take use that energy to put the spotlight on the things you love, like tacos, for example.




April 20 – May 20

Hey Taur, we barely recognize you with all of that mysterious energy around you. Venus, sun, Mercury and Saturn are joining forces in your sign to beam some total “Where’s Waldo” vibes at you. This energy will take your typically methodical nature for a spin. Have some fun with it! Throw a spontaneous dinner party, make it rain quesadillas. With Mercury in retrograde from the 3rd until the 22nd, be sure to stay on track. It’s the perfect time to get back to your roots. Start with this childhood nostalgia-inducing PB&J smoothie. It’s peanut butter jelly time, Taur.




May 21 – June 20

You don’t need the sun to shine, Gem. Especially when the moon in your sign is beaming so brightly on you not once, but twice. When the moon meets your eye, it’s like a big pizza pie. Now, that’s amoré, dear Gemini. We all know the one commitment you can make is to pizza, so show your true love some amoré this month. Who knows, maybe you’ll have enough for anotha’ lova’ (if you can break it to pizza easily). Don’t have a cheesy smile just yet. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde until the 22nd, so take it easy for a weekend (we know that’s not an easy task for you). Try Netflix & chilling with a hot slice. Ahem, we’re talking about pizza.




June 21 – July 22

Look who made it on the naughty list this year. Yes, we’re talking to you, Cancer. Looks like you’ve been playing one too many reindeer games. If you’re not careful, Mercury in retrograde will send you into a backspin until the 22nd. Combat this confusing energy with the power of pasta. Make that pasta^2. Penne for your thoughts? You might need an extra push in the right direction with Mars sailing on through this month. Channel that sensitive and intense energy into something creative, like cooking. Ever made a homemade pizza?




July 23 – August 22

Netflix & chili? That’s what you’ll be asking your mistletoe boo this month, cheeky Leo. Amorous Venus swings into your sign this month, bringing loving energy with it. Just remember not to eat that roasted garlic recipe you’ve been craving before you pucker up under the bushy mistletoe. Try a pineapple & lemon smoothie that will take your cutie to the tropics with one kiss. Don’t swipe right just yet, dear lion. Mercury in retrograde will bring confusing energy until the 22nd. Distract yourself with learning a new recipe. There’s nothing confusing about a delicious pasta bake.




August 23 – September 22

Burrrrr, it’s cold out there for a Virgo. Buy the fuzziest blanket on Amazon you can find and go ahead and order some pizza, because the sun in Sagittarius and Venus are bringing some serious nesting vibes. Tune into your inner-Hygge and get comfortable, because you’ll be feeling this energy until the 19th. Just one tiny thing, though. Mercury is in retrograde until the 22nd, making going outside even less tempting. Wait until Saturn zooms through on the 19th to start the party again. Until then, celebrate #tacotuesday everyday.




September 23 – October 22

Stuff less stockings and more jalapeños. Full moon in Gemini at the beginning of this month is activating your inner party animal. So, pass the jalapeõ poppers and let it roar, Libra. The countdown to midnight starts now, because motivational Mars is swinging on through to ring you into the new year with all new #goals for 2018. You still have a month of partying, so go wild. We won’t judge if you pair your morning smoothie with a mimosa, avocado toast is so 2017 anyway.




October 23 – November 21

Look who’s getting coal, yet again, Scorp. Your devilish ways have always put you on the naughty list (even when you thought santa was real). Is that really such a bad thing? We don’t think so. With Mars and Jupiter joining forces in your sign until the end of next month, your naughty nature will be hard to tame, even past the holidays. Mercury in retrograde until the 22nd will give you a little kick of reality. It may even have you trading your late night tacos for a Green Goddess Buddha Bowl and daily vitamin-packed smoothies. See? You always find a way to turn coal into diamonds.