Customer Spotlight: Russ May



Home Chef’s community of customers consists of a mosaic of people much like our staff. The last customer in this Spotlight Series that we wanted to introduce you to is Russ May: recipient of a congressional Purple Heart and one of about 3.8 million disabled veterans that currently reside in our country.  Russ, who is currently a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator implant, appreciates the simplicity that Home Chef has brought to the lives of him and his wife Mae (whom he says married him for his blue eyes and not the last name).

Where did you first hear about Home Chef?

I was fed up with constantly wasting food so I began my search for the perfect meal kit delivery service. I was previously a customer of another service, often confused with your own, but it didn’t provide enough variety or flexibility for our lifestyle.

In what way does Home Chef improve the lives of you and your wife?

Home Chef takes the guesswork out of dinner time for me as I also navigate the difficulties of caring for my elderly father as well as my injury. Everything is done in 30-45 minutes and is just so simple. The chefs’ tips have even educated me on how to be a better cook. Before Home Chef, I would just cook chicken to something resembling a leather strap, but now I prepare juicy steaks and fall-off-the-bone pork chops.

What are some of your favorite Home Chef dishes?

My favorite dish so far is The Coffee Rubbed Steak. My wife Mae, on the other hand, can’t choose a favorite because each dish after another just blows her mind.

Why have you remained a loyal Home Chef customer?

Despite the occasional forgotten ingredient or produce issue, we are members for life. None of [the other companies] come close to the value that you guys offer. If we didn’t believe in you we wouldn’t continue with the service. I believe the dynamic Home Chef adds to the quality of my family’s life is worth the occasional misstep, plus your customer service is just da bomb!

Written by Bria Perry

Thanks for joining us for our Customer Spotlight Series!