Customer Spotlight: Lorraine and Family


The Maddux Family first heard about Home Chef on Facebook and despite being hesitant about meal kits, mom-of-three Lorraine finally decided to take the plunge. Living in Florida while her children’s father works on an oil-rig in North Dakota limits her support system. Not many other services deliver in her area, so when Friday morning comes around, she knows her week’s groceries will arrive and her family will eat healthy meals.


How has Home Chef improved your life?

Home Chef simplifies things. My 16-year-old does the cooking when I can’t and my kids always say they feel like they’ve had a restaurant-style meal. It’s not boxed stuff that a normal 16-year-old can cook. It’s laid out so simply and I know she won’t be frustrated and she knows what she’s doing. And it’s delivered to the house! I know my kids are eating healthy and if something should go wrong, I know customer service will always make it right.


What makes Home Chef special to your family?

I’d say the convenience and flexibility. We choose about seven meals a week, sometimes eight because we live 20 miles away from the nearest grocery store! Your program has been a lifesaver to us and one more reason we are so glad to be Home Chef subscribers is how you make life easier for us.


What are your favorite Home Chef dishes?

I was listening to my mom and my son last night going over that and she asked him ‘What’s the difference between this one is my favorite and this is the best one ever’? And my son replied ‘I don’t know! They are all my favorite and the best one ever!’ There really hasn’t been a single meal that we haven’t all liked. I feel silly when I rank them because I’m always giving everything 5 stars. I can’t even find recipes this good on Pinterest!


What is something memorable that has occurred over a Home Chef dinner?

My children’s father is from Mexico and while we were recently enjoying the Butternut and Beet Quinoa Bowl, he became especially excited. It made him so nostalgic for when his mom used to roast beets over the fire. Then we had the Turkey and Avocado Tostadas the other night, which featured chayote squash, and it was kind of the same thing for him. He was like, ‘This is a piece from my childhood!’ He has even decided that the weeks he is here, he buys Home Chef over regular groceries. Your company has even made co-parenting easier for us!

Written by Ally Lindahl