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Are your allergies so heinous that they threaten your social life, attacking with sneezes, sniffles, and (the worst!) hives and itches just in time for that big party? And how about your digestion—at a long-anticipated moment, does your tummy murmur and mew as if determined to undermine your life? Or maybe you work out regularly and eat healthfully–hitting the gym, the yoga mat, or the bike trails and snacking on greens or berries–but your detox plan is still missing that cherry on top.

Well, look no further, my friends! Apple cider vinegar—or ACV—can be your new companion on your cooking (and eating) journey, protecting you from the bad guys and raising your healthy eating to its peak.

You may have heard people discuss “probiotics” and felt too intimidated even to begin to discover them. Too much research! And you may have heard people sing the praises of apple cider vinegar and wondered, how can anyone possibly drink vinegar?! Well, here at The Table, we’re ready to teach you so you can proceed on your path to good health.

To reap its maximum benefits, make sure to use apple cider vinegar that is labeled “unfiltered” or “unpasteurized.” It should look cloudy. Don’t shake the bottle though! The floating parts are yummy probiotics, healthy bacteria, proteins, and enzymes. Shaking the bottle will disturb them and their environment, taking away all that will benefit you.

To consume ACV: you can boldly take it straight up or, alternatively, try it mixed with water and a natural sweetener, such as agave or maple syrup, to cut the taste. You can even sub in apple cider vinegar for other vinegars while cooking.

Especially if you’re taking it undiluted, start with a small dose--about a teaspoon. Whether you take your ACV straight or mixed, make sure to follow it with lots of water. Once you get used to the taste, a couple tablespoons daily are ideal. Some people take up to four.

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Here are some of the reasons for a committed relationship with apple cider vinegar:

1. Aids digestion – Got a rumbly in your tumbly? Regularly consuming ACV keeps your digestion regular and prevents indigestion after heavy meals. Taking some in the morning and some at night can help your gut function at its best.

2. Boosts metabolism – Consumption of apple cider vinegar can power up your metabolism if you’re looking for a partner in healthy eating. Useful as a weight-loss tool, ACV also helps flush out damage to your system from not-so-healthy foods.

3. Soothes allergies and illnesses – Achoo! ACV clears up rough seasonal allergies, and some folks claim it reduces the time it takes to get over your cold or flu. It can diminish sneezing and coughing as well as headaches, especially those caused by sinus.

4. Cleanses skin – Uneven skin begone! Apple cider vinegar heals pimples as well as soothes itchy spots for a more even skin tone. Dab some on problem areas with a cotton ball after cleansing your skin at night.

5. Glosses hair – Follow your shampoo with a quick rinse of ACV, and your hair will be shinier than ever. Make sure to rinse it all out so you don’t smell like salad dressing!

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