A Trio of Three-Course Meals Perfect for Valentine’s Day


Picture this: a romantic and delicious Valentine’s Day dinner without the reservation and less expensive than your favorite restaurant. Seem impossible? Not for us! We’ve curated a trio of three-course meals to help you celebrate with your valentine.

Menu One: Irresistibly Indulgent
1) Starter: Cheese. Bacon. Ciabatta. What more could you want from an appetizer? Our Cheesy Bacon Parmesan Ciabatta is ready to eat in 5 minutes or less, leaving you plenty of time to catch up with your date.

2) Entrée: This main course is here to impress! A perfectly cooked steak smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce will leave your guest wondering if you’re a professional chef.

3) Dessert: We can’t leave out the best part about dinner! This S’mores Toast has the right amount of sweetness to pair with a ruby port helping you round out your Valentine’s Day dinner.



Menu Two: So Fresh and So Clean

1) Starter: Who knew pesto and blue cheese were a match made in heaven? This delicious salad kicks off a fresh and refreshing dinner.

2) Entrée: This lean white fish gets a luxurious bath in shallot butter sauce. Our Mahi Mahi will make you say “yummy, yummy.”

3) Dessert: This dessert is bananas! Indulge in our Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Waffle to end dinner on a sweet note.




Menu Three: Veggie Lover

1) Starter: Smooth ricotta toast and peppery arugula drizzled with honey makes this 5 minute appetizer look like it belongs at an upscale restaurant!

2) Entrée: What is better than one cheese? Three cheeses! Satisfy your vegetarian date with this Three Cheese Veggie Alfredo Rigatoni.

3) Dessert: Our Chocolate Strawberry Coconut smoothie fits right in by putting a twist on a Valentine’s Day favorite.