9 Recipes to Stress Bake your way through a Pandemic


We all have our own ways of dealing with stress when it inevitably creeps up, and there aren’t too many more stress-inducing scenarios than the global pandemic we’re currently facing. While trying to dutifully practice social distancing to do our part to stop the spread, we’re cooped up indoors a lot more often than many of us are used to. As a result of that cabin fever, our collective anxiety can have some curious outlets. Some people dye their hair. Some people stockpile toilet paper. And many of us, well, we stress bake. And there seems to be some real logic to that urge, aside from just wanting to munch your way through a dozen cookies. Valerie Van Gelder of Depressed Cake Shop sums it up perfectly in this article by Delish: “Baking is super absorbing, so it’s very difficult to have anxiety. It chases bad thoughts away because you have to focus on making sure that you measure your flour. You have to have exactly the right amount of baking powder and exactly the right amount of baking soda if you want the result to be what you’re aiming for.” Based on all the baked goods we’re seeing on our social media feeds, she probably has a point – baking really can be therapeutic, especially when you take pride in the delicious results, or are about to share what you make with family and friends. So whether you’re looking for creative ways to cope with the current environment, keep your mind and hands busy, or just interested in finding something new to tempt your sweet tooth, we hope these recipes provide a healthy dose of inspiration.

1. The Best Cinnamon Rolls You’ll Ever Eat

(image via Ambitious Kitchen)

Honestly – can you ever go wrong with cinnamon rolls? The bread flour makes for a particularly chewy treat – bake these over the weekend and enjoy a bun every morning until it’s time to make another batch.

2. Glazed Fresh Blueberry Fritters

(image via Seasons and Suppers)

Blueberries neither go out of season nor out of style, thanks to the fact that that they freeze like a dream. A delicious fried fritter is a great vehicle for one of our favorite fruits…not to mention ice cream or coffee. Your pick!

3. Peach Upside Down Cake

(image via Well Plated)

Looking forward to summer? Us, too. This peachy, lightened-up variation on a classic is worth setting a calendar reminder for, especially when you find yourself confronted with more peaches than you know what to do with come August.

4. Fallen Chocolate Cake

(image via Bon Appetit)

Important PSA: No matter what else happens in life, chocolate will *always* be there for you. And since this cake is flourless, it’s gluten free! This cake feels impossibly elegant in a chic undone way that only the French seem to have mastered.

5. Maple Belgian Waffle Cake

(image via Sprinkle Bakes)

If working from home has you constantly working through breakfast while simultaneously jonesing for dessert, then this seriously creative two-for-one cake has you covered.

6. Chocolate Macarons

(image via Sugar Geek Show)

Looking for a challenge? These classic French cookies are a personal favorite, and a great way to take your baking game to the next level while you’re stuck indoors.

7. Boston Cream Eclairs

(image via Will Cook for Smiles)

If you’re not in the mood for the more traditional doughnut or cake, an eclair can feel like a lighter alternative. Added bonus: choux pastry is super versatile and is a great base recipe to have in your baking arsenal.


8. Chocolate S’mores Bars

                                                                                                                              (image via Taste of Home)

A great no-bake option, and an especially easy one to get the kiddos involved with, if that’s on your quarantine to-do list.

9. Turtle Cheesecake

(image via Brown Eyed Baker)

Oreo cookie crust + chopped pecans + chocolate ganache + caramel drizzle = a cheesecake good enough to satisfy even the most finicky of Golden Girls.