9 Burger Recipes That Will Rock Your Summer


Few foods are as iconic as the burger. Like it or not, the burger remains the symbol of American food to all of your international friends (le burgeré). It has since gone through many #transformationtuesdays, from being between a simple sesame bun to being free-range, stuffed and packed between a pretzel bun. Nevertheless, summer means burger season, whether it’s enjoying a humble original or an Instagram-worthy creation. When life gives you a cookout, make burgers. Check out our best burger recipes fit for both carnivores and herbivores alike.

  1. Crispy Cheese-Stuffed Portobello Burger All of the melty, gooeyness with none of the meat. Melty mozzarella is stuffed between delicious portobello mushrooms and it’s all breaded with crispy panko, then fried to golden perfection.  This burger will have your vegetarians friends coming back for more.
  2. Classic Black Bean Burger Why turn to the freezer aisle for black bean burgers when you can make them so easily at home? Black beans, oats, spices, roasted peppers and onions are mashed together into patties, cooked and then topped with cheddar cheese. Voilà, you’ll never go back to store-bought again!
  3. Quinoa Sweet Potato Burger These healthy patties are sandwiched between an English muffin, to make a burger fit for a queen. Get all of the summer vibes without any greasy burger mess to deal with. This will have you feeling fresh until sunset.

  4. Swiss Fondue Burger Oozing, melty, cheesy. Is it getting hot in here all of the sudden? This burger is sure to make you and your friends melt. It doesn’t just end at the cheese, though. We’re topping it with sweet onion jam and serving it with a side of fries. One bite will make you wonder why you didn’t think to fondue sooner!
  5. Acapulco Beef Burger Get lost at the beaches of Acapulco with this juicy burger. We’re topping it with savory Chihuahua cheese, fresh pico de gallo, and zesty chipotle mayo. This fresh take on a classic burger is perfect for a summer cookout, and will have all your amigos wanting seconds.
  6. Umami Burger This burger is the definition of umami, with red onion, mushrooms, sun-dried tomato pesto aioli, miso and white cheddar cheese. We’re serving it up with a side of sweet potato fries with sprinkled parmesan, because we want your tastebuds to smile.

  7. Lettuce-Wrapped Blue Cheese Turkey Burger This bun-less wonder that will take burgers to a fresh, new level. We’ve topped it with bleu cheese and special sauce to give you all the flavor you crave without the added bun carbs. We also replaced the red meat with lean turkey, so you can have a truly guiltless cookout. Go ahead, get a little messy.
  8. Buffalo Turkey Burger We love zesty buffalo sauce slathered on our wings, so we’re putting it to work in this lean and flavorful burger. Oh, and you can’t forget the blue cheese! It’s grilled to perfection and all placed on top of a pretzel bun. It captures all of the flavor of wings, but without any of the messiness – no wet naps needed.
  9. BBQ Turkey Burger Who said pork gets to have all of the BBQ fun? We’re giving you a lean meat burger with the flavors of a classic cookout. Topped with savory BBQ sauce, melty cheddar cheese and sautéed red onion, this burger is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser.

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