7 Super Grain Bowl Recipes


What is it about the humble bowl that makes eating from it better than the (occasionally pretentious) plate? Is it that it’s more Instagram-able? Or because our subconscious baby remembers the good ol’ high chair days, being fed by an airplane spoon from a bowl? Whether the answer is more social media or Carl Jung oriented, we can all agree that it’s true. The best things come in bowls: marshmallow-spiked breakfast cereals, ice cream (for all you non-coney’s), cake batter, mashed potatoes. There’s a reason why mom let us “lick the bowl” clean. And just because we still can’t find a perfect way to eat pizza from a bowl, doesn’t make bowls any less appealing. In fact, we’ve replaced sugar-coated and butter-filled meals we all know and love with tasty, nutritious grain bowls that will have you wanting to lick the bowl. Check out this list our favorite grain bowl recipes.


  1. Feed your inner goddess with this divine Green Goddess Buddha Bowl recipe.

  2. Add some color to the table with this bright Butternut and Beet Quinoa Bowl recipe.

  3. This Sweet Chili Shrimp Nacho Bowl is “nacho” average grain bowl recipe.

  4. Go wild with this Wild Rice and Brussels Sprouts Harvest Bowl recipe.

  5. Skip the long burrito line try this Sweet Potato and Black Bean Taco Bowl recipe.

  6. Detox your late Saturday night with this Avocado Detox Farro Bowl recipe.

  7. Add some umami to your life with this Japanese Miso Shrimp Bowl recipe.