7 Smoothies Under 300 Calories




Mondays are hard. Ok, pretty much every morning can be difficult. The idea of getting up early to go to the gym and make a nice breakfast had already passed when you hit the snooze button for the fifth time. So, snooze on sleepyheads, because we’ve got the perfect blend-able solution: easy smoothies under 300 calories.


    1. This Strawberry Orange Smoothie that is basically drinkable sunshine.
    2. Or try this Pineapple Smoothie when you need to feel like you’re beachside.


    1. Snozzberries really do taste like Snozzberries in this Violet Beauregarde Smoothie.


    1. Try this psychedelic rock anthem inspired Strawberry Fields Smoothie, that might be better than Ringo’s drumming (and solo albums).


  1. Hang five with this Hawaii Five-O Smoothie, oh and don’t forget the surfer emoji! ?
  3. It doesn’t have to be after school time to enjoy this After School Snack Smoothie.
  5. This Raspberry-Peach Smoothie with have you feeling just peachy.


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