6 Sweet Recipes for your Holiday Cookie Swap


Our friends at the Spice House often get sent recipes from their customers featuring their spices and extracts. They’ve shared six of their favorite treat recipes with us this holiday season from their own kitchens and those of home cooks across the country, perfect for gifting to family and friends! 



1. Festive Frosted Sugar Cookies

These are your classic sugar cookies, seasoned with vanilla extract. You can try adding other flavors to this recipe too. Try adding rosewater in the icing and cardamom to the cookie dough. This recipe is most popular during the holidays, but depending on the shape of your cookie cutter, you can make these for any occasion. – The Spice House Team




2. Chocolate Maple Sugar Cookies

I received a maple leaf cookie cutter along with a recipe over 10 years ago as a gift when I moved to the United States the first time. I have adapted the recipe slightly to use the wonderful Cocoa Powder and Maple Sugar from The Spice House. – Nancy from 37 Cooks



3. The Spice House’s Ginger Snaps

This is the classic recipe that’s available at Spice House locations in pre-measured packets, ready for baking! – The Spice House Team


4. Peppermint Sugar Cookies

This is a fun holiday twist on the classic sugar cookie. I chose easy to use fast drying candy melt as the frosting, making it simple for the whole family to join in on the decorating! – Lily K. Noel



5. Fizzy Champagne Truffles

Fizzy delivers a subtle tingling sensation on the tongue when consumed, which makes it perfect for mixing into a classic Champagne truffle. – Sarah from 37 Cooks



6. Classic Snickerdoodles

Ever wonder how to get the perfect soft and puffy snickerdoodle? The secret’s in the ratio of butter to leaveners, along with slightly under-baking them.