5 Skewer Recipes to Throw on the Grill





  1. Balsamic Shrimp Skewers

This isn’t your average shrimp on the barbie situation – if you’ve never grilled seafood, think of these skewers as the perfect gateway recipe. Quick-cooking shrimp and sweet peppers grill up in a flash, and a double dose of sweet balsamic glaze makes sure everything gets deliciously caramelized. A side of fragrant herby basmati rice rounds out this perfect Mediterranean style al fresco supper.


  1. Sweet and Smoky Chicken Skewers

If you happen to find yourself the host of a cook-out this summer, and the usual burgers and brats just won’t do for your crew, consider these skewers. Honey and paprika make for a quick BBQ-style glaze, and a sweet and tangy apple slaw make sure it’s a crowd pleaser for taste buds both young and young at heart.


  1. Spicy Jerked Pork Skewers

Are we the only ones who crave spicy, tropical fare once the temperatures start to rise? If you’re anything like us, you’ll love the piquant flavors of these skewers. When served alongside creamy coconut cauliflower and citrusy sautéed kale, you’ll swear you can practically feel the warm Caribbean breeze right there on your patio.


4. Vietnamese Ground Pork Skewers

Totally ubiquitous in roadside stalls all over Hanoi, these skewers make for a satisfying bite. If the only ground meat you’ve ever grilled are hamburgers, consider yourself in for a surprise. Enjoy them like we do, simply molded onto skewers and served alongside spicy slaw and a tangy dipping sauce, and after that, try them in lettuce cups, or even on a bed of rice noodles!


  1. Sirloin and Shishito Pepper Skewers

Shishito peppers are quickly becoming our favorite grill-able, snack-able veggie this summer. Whether prepared simply with flaky sea salt as an appetizer or as the main event like with these skewers they’re a must have at your next grill-out. Hot tip: about one in ten of these Asian peppers is spicy, so make sure you have a cold drink at the ready!


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