5 Seasonal Sips: A Brief Guide to Summer Spirits:

Rose Truesdale


Al fresco dining just demands a frosty pitcher of something boozy… yet refreshing. It’s true. So when you find yourself in need of a festive bevvy of beverages to accompany dinner at your next picnic or barbecue, test out one of these beauties. (Click on each drink for our favorite recipes!)

Sangria: Native to Spain and Portugal, this ambrosial blend of wine, brandy, honey, and chopped fruit can quickly turn your fiesta into a siesta… so it’s perfect for hammock lounging. Try white wine with diced nectarines for a lighter option.

Mint Julep: This genteel Southern cocktail features bourbon (naturally), seltzer, crushed ice, simple syrup, and fresh mint. Perfect for a day at the races… or following a day racing after your kids.

Mojito: Featuring white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, seltzer and yerba buena (a mint varietal), this traditional Cuban highball ensures you’ll be Havana wild night. Casual Havana pun. Don’t worry about it.

Paloma: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila… grapefruit! Spanish for dove, this Mexican highball makes for a refreshing margarita alternative. Mix tequila, lime juice, and Jarritos soda… olé!

Rosé: Hooray for rosé! Although this tipple is definitely trending, it may be the oldest known type of wine, and it’s most certainly the rosiest: rosé picks up its blush hue from grape skins. Really; whether blended, still, sparkling, dry, or sweet… we are so, so pro this pink drink.