5 Best One-Pot Recipes


Using multiple pots and pans is so last year (and so messy). Let’s be honest, time is Netflix and you don’t have time to cook dinner when you have all of those shows waiting on your laptop. These recipes will save you so much time that you’ll be able to Netflix & chill (or chili) all night.


  1. This one-pot Smoky Beef and Poblano Chili from that will get you through the snowstorms this winter.

  2. This one-pan Mediterranean Turkey Skillet that will take your tastebuds to the Mykonos.

  3. This one-pan Beef & Pepper Tamale Pie that is not only simple but delicious.

  4. This one-pot Acapulco Fajita Beef Skillet that will put the spice in your life.

  5. This one-pan Black Bean Tortilla Pie recipe that could be on your table in 3o minutes.

    Want to make dinner easier? Try Home Chef for more one pot recipes.