4 Reasons Meal Kit Services are Right for You

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1. Mouthwatering Menus homechef_LettuceWraps-9

With many dinner options, new breakfasts, a fruit basket, and a fresh smoothie every week, Meal Kit Services have something to delight everyone around your table. From hearty meat & seafood options to gluten-free and low-carb dishes, there’s a dinner option that’s bound to work for you.

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2. Simple Subscriptions homechef_MothersDayBrunch-4

No binding contracts – just a box on your doorstep with food, recipes, and answers to the most important question, “What are we having for dinner tonight?”

Home Chef started because our founder Pat loves to cook but was too busy to grocery shop. We get you – you’re busy, too. That’s why we make it easy for you to skip a delivery, edit your orders, or cancel the service directly online.

Get 2 Free Meals with Home Chef!  

3. Convenient Deliveries homechef_MarketingShoot (7 of 38)

You can cook like a five star chef every night – without the hassle. In addition to all the pre-portioned ingredients, they also send simple and visual recipe cards that make cooking accessible to chefs of all experience levels.

4. Sustainability Throughout Sustainability

Good taste goes beyond the food on our plates. It can be found in reducing, reusing, and recycling the packaging that brings it to you. By cooking with perfectly pre-portioned ingredients, you also eliminate food waste from buying in bulk at the grocery store.

Get 2 Free Meals with Home Chef!