3 Ways Home Chef Does Fried Chicken


Farmhouse Fried Chicken

If you had to choose one food that says comfort, maybe you’d say mashed potatoes, or fried chicken, or maybe even freshly buttered corn. With our Farmhouse Fried Chicken, you don’t have to decide! Traditional fried chicken can be labor intensive, leaving you feeling like a short-order cook, but not anymore. We make getting this homestyle classic on the table easy and quick, even for a weeknight. Your family will thank you for all the hard work you put into dinner, and they’ll be none the wiser. 


Southern Fried Chicken and White Cheddar Grits

Sometimes, we get that it’s best to not mess with perfection. And perfection is totally what we’ve found in this bowl of comfort! Creamy, cheesy grits and crispy pan-fried chicken are a match made in southern heaven, and a drizzle of tangy hot sauce kicks it all up just enough to keep things interesting. And lest you think Frank’s RedHot is a touch too yankee for this dish, doubt no more – the cayenne peppers that go into it are a Louisiana specialty.


Buttery Chicken and Waffles

Is it breakfast? Dinner? Why choose, we say! This comforting diner classic is a favorite of ours any time of day. Our take has crispy belgian waffles and chicken getting cozy with fluffy scrambled eggs. So  whether you’re watching the sun go down or just coming up, it’s the best way we know to satisfy that sweet and savory craving whenever it strikes.