13 Waffle Recipes for Galentine’s Day



It’s that time of year again. When you tell your best gal pal, “you’re the syrup to my waffle.” It’s Galentine’s Day, so breakfast for dinner is a must– waffles, to be specific. Galentine’s Day is a femme-forward and gaufre-positive holiday created by the undeniably ardent female politician, Leslie Knope, on the NBC show, Parks and Recreation. It’s a day where women can unapologetically eat waffles, which is also known as a typical day of the week for us. No need to sign into Pinterest, because we’ve got your waffle menu covered. Remember ladies, ovaries before “brovaries.” Get your gaufre on.


    1. This Buttery Chicken and Waffles Recipe from Home Chef, that is pure gold, probably


    1. Get Saucy with this Galentine’s Day Chocolate Waffles with Cream and Chocolate Sauce recipe from Joy the Baker. Yes, you can lick the bowl. 


    1. These 7 Ingredient Vegan and Gluten Free Waffles from Minimalist Baker that will make your friend forget she’s a vegan.  


    1. This Liège Gaufres recipe from Smitten Kitchen that pair ever-so-nicely with champagne. Oh, you fancy, huh?


    1. This Brie and Blueberry Grilled Cheese Recipe from Damn Delicious that will make you swoon. 


    1. This Banana Nut Waffles recipe from Cookie and Kate that absolutely needs to be washed down with some white wine. #wafflesandwine


    1. This Easy Cinnamon Roll Waffles that from Tablespoon that will get the girl party rolling. 


    1. This Bacon-Cheddar Waffles recipe from Delish that is the ultimate breakfast for dinner win. 


    1. This Chocolate Chip Chip Hooray Waffles recipe from Bakerella that will make everyone cheer for an encore. 


    1. This Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever from Serious Eats that might actually be the greatest waffle recipe ever, seriously. 


    1. This Red Velvet Waffles recipe from Cherry On My Sundae that will give you all of the *~feels~*. 


    1. This Waffle-Iron Grilled Cheese recipe from Fine Cooking that, ok it’s not exactly a waffle, but it’s the thought that counts this time of year, right? 


  1. This Tater Tot Waffles recipe from Hypebae that is can replace any significant other. 


Want more waffle recipes? Home Chef has your back.