12 Recipes to Make for Winter Solstice


It’s the shortest day of the year, which means it will be the longest night of the year. That means more blanket time, because 9 hours of daylight = 6 hours of Netflix, right? You don’t have to be Wiccan or Pagan to observe this holiday. It’s one of the oldest traditions celebrated, and it is a time to reflect upon the year, and what a year it’s been, amirite?! It may not seem like it by the looks of the polar vortex (and maybe a polar bear?) outside your window, but it’s the official first day of winter. So, before you bust out your leopard print Snuggie and ugly sweater (if you got it, flaunt it), make sure you have the perfect dinner for the coziest evening of the year.

  1. This Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad from Homemade Outings that will warm your heart (and stomach).

  2. Just when you thought French Onion soup couldn’t get better, Home Chef turned it into a pasta bake. Eat now, thank them later.

  3. This vegan Butternut Squash Pizza from Minimalist Baker that will give you *~winter feels~*.

  4. This Chicken and Dumplings recipe from Bon Appétit is like a taste of mom’s cooking, but better. Shhh, we won’t tell.

  5. This Warm + Roasted Winter Salad Bowl from Oh She Glows will melt your icy heart.

  6. Ditch the tradish bacon and eggs for this Bacon & Egg Ramen from Food52.

  7. Have a cold coming on? Grab the Kleenex and make this soup-er easy Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup from Damn Delicious.

  8. This Turkey and Butternut Squash Chili from Home Chef will have you asking, “wanna znetflix & chili?”

  9. Shake things up with this Shakshuka recipe from Green Kitchen Stories.

  10. Think warm thoughts with this Spanish Seafood Stew from Feasting at Home.

  11. ‘Tis the season to stuff yourself, so why not stuff mushrooms? Try these Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms from A Beautiful Plate.

  12. This list would not be complete without a nordic recipe. This Wild Moose Burger from North Wild Kitchen is #worthit.(We know it’s not easy to get your hands on some wild moose meat, so sub the meat with bison meat or beef.)

Want more cozy recipes? Try Home Chef for those *~warm feels~*.