Home Chef How-To: Chiffonade Herbs

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Photo courtesy of TheKitchn.com

Fresh herbs are the jewels of summer, and while basil is fabulous loosely torn over a bowl of warm angel hair pasta, certain dishes call for a slightly more…elegant technique.

Chiffonade is a French term meaning “in rags.” I know. Pretty much sounds like the least appetizing chopping technique, eh? Well, you can rest easy. The technique essentially allows you to make delicate, thin “ribbons” from leafy herbs.

Why is this important? Because certain herbs are so pungent (in the best way possible) that little slivers in each bite are more appropriate for certain recipes than huge chunks or leaves.

Try this technique with your favorite Italian dishes, like sprinkling over bruschetta, pizza, and pasta. Or, employ a Chiffonade when working with sage to add hints of aromatic flavor to a stuffing or over gnocchi.

We love this technique at Home Chef because it’s an easy way to look and cook like a pro. Still mystified? Check out this fab video from Martha Stewart showing you this difficult-sounding, but super easy way to enjoy fresh, leafy herbs.

Video courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

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