Home Chef Review

By Chelsea Schultz


I first heard about Home Chef on the Jenna & Julien podcast, but never seriously considered using their ingredient delivery service until my coworker Sarah referred me for $30 off my first box. Like me, Sarah works long hours. Before she started using Home Chef, we used to commiserate over our terrible eating habits every morning. More often than not, we had ordered late-night pizza for dinner the night before. Worse yet, we would proceed to grab a handful of chips and a soda and call it lunch. Not good.

I noticed when Sarah started using Home Chef because she began to pack the most incredible lunches each day: chili rellenos tacos, crispy goat cheese and arugula salad… I was blown away, and after a week or so of eyeing her desk meals with envy, I took her up on her referral.


Home Chef works like this: you set your dietary preferences, and can either choose between 10 chef-designed meals, or let Home Chef suggest meals for you. A box of pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions is then delivered to your door. I was worried about getting locked into a subscription, but you can skip a week or pause your subscription at any time.

My first box
Like pretty much everyone, I’m trying to eat healthier. I ordered the Rosemary Cider Chicken and the San Francisco-Style Shrimp Cioppino.

This was enough for two big, satisfying dinners and lunch the next day: four meals total.


The cooking experience
Look, I am not a cook. I assumed the recipes would be complicated, but they really weren’t. I didn’t have to measure anything, and the guidelines were easy to follow. And I was able to complete each meal in 30 minutes, as advertised.
The food
The chicken was tender and flavorful, and the sides were so good! I’ve never been a squash person, but butternut, apple and rosemary is a combination I’ll use again, for sure. The shrimp dish was something I would’ve never considered cooking for myself — it was essentially a light, tomato-based stew with shrimp, but delicious, quality shrimp. Both meals legitimately tasted like I could’ve ordered them in a restaurant, and I looked forward to eating them for lunch the next day.


I’m so glad Sarah convinced me to try Home Chef — I felt like a chef! Their service is convenient and inexpensive, I don’t have to bother with the grocery store, and I can trust that the meals I make will be good and good for me. I would recommend Home Chef to anyone.