A Brief History of Friendsgiving




Remember Thanksgiving 2015? Aunt Carol was face down in the pumpkin pie after one too many hard ciders, dad “forgot” the tofurkey for your brother’s vegan boyfriend, and Grandma was starting every sentence with “back in my day…”. Good times, right? As much as you love family time… friends are family, too. And friends sometimes understand us (and our dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices) a little better than family.

A Thanksgiving potluck with the family you choose, Friendsgiving alleviates the pressure of not offending anyone with a French recipe on an American holiday or a tattoo that can’t be hidden with a long-sleeve turtleneck.  And bonus: while nearly 47 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home this holiday season, Friendsgiving is generally only a train or bus ride away.

Due to this pseudo-holiday’s fundamental lack of rules, it can be celebrated on any day. And while it may seem reserved for Instagramming Millennials only, anyone can enjoy a stress-free, affordable and wine-filled day to give thanks with friends.

No matter how you celebrate, happy Friendsgiving from your pals at Home Chef!